Hydrogen Sulphide

             Treatment Options

  • Scavenger Chemicals
    • Cost effective
    • Efficient without producing harmful by products
    • Safe to handle (Non-Toxic)
  • Alkaline based products
    • Treatment with caustic soda
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Needed in large quantities, and may be toxic in high concentrations
  • Regenerative Amine products
    • Used in high volume gas treatments
  • Liquid Redox
    • Effective scavenger as it is highly reactive to hydrogen sulphide
    • Typically uses chlorine dioxide which is corrosive and unstable
  • Non-Regenerable solid adsorbents
    • Usually involves a bed of solid particles that comes into contact with the gas, eventually the bed is removed to be replaced or regenerated.
  • Physical Solvent process
    • Typically a proprietary process
  • Conversion of hydrogen sulphide to sulphur
    • Chemically convert the hydrogen sulphide to sulphur
  • Squeeze treatments
    • Applying hydrogen sulphide treatments to the reservoir and wellbore using well equipment and pumps.


Hydrogen sulphide can cause stress cracking which leads to the degradation of process and pipeline equipment. In addition the toxicity of the gas means that it is a health hazard to human personnel if it is leaked to the atmosphere.


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