Carbon Dioxide


  • A molecular weight of 44.01 lb/lb-mol
  • Can exist as a solid, liquid and gas depending on the temperature and pressure
  • In its gaseous form it is colourless, odourless and non-flammable
  • It is the fourth most abundant gas in the atmosphere
  • Is generated by the human body as a result of cellular respiration


              Fluids Treatment

The gas is produced in the well streams of oil and gas wells. Typically its removal refers to a process known as sweetening.

The removal of the carbon dioxide will

  • improve the heating value of the gas
  • prevent the corrosion of pipelines
  • prevent crystallization of the gas during the liquefaction

              Treatment Options

  • Absorption process
    • Using organic chemical to absorb the gas
  • Adsorption process
    • Uses a chemical reaction to remove the gas from the stream
  • Alkaline Salt process
    • Again using a chemical reaction to remove carbon dioxide gas, using potassium carbonate
  • Physical Separation
    • Membrane Separation – using barriers to selectively allow the permeation of certain gases
    • Cryogenic – using low temperatures to distill carbon dioxide from the well stream
  • Hybrid Solution
    • Using a combination of physical and chemical processes to separate the gas from the well stream


This is usually the result of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water, this lends to the formation of an acidic liquid that can damage process equipment.


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