These are used to increase the pressure from the incoming well streams to facilitate the transportation/transmission. This is particularly useful for where gas fields are located in remote areas and the gas needs to be delivered to the market or industry.

              Compressor Type

  1. Jet
  2. Rotary
  3. Centrifugal

Jet compressors use fluid flow to help compress and further propel the gas.

              Rotary Compressors

They exist in either blower or centrifugal type and are primarily used in distribution facilities where the suction to dis-charge pressure difference is not greater than 15psi.

As mechanical devices they cheap to install and operate owing to the fact that they have few moving parts, requiring minimum floor space a key consideration in offshore and marine facilities. They do have a high capacity that if properly configured in series and can increase the total process compression ratio.

However they are noisy to operate, can overheat and can’t accommodate high pressures.

              Reciprocating Compressor

Common in the gas industry built for all pressures and capacities. However because it has more moving parts the mechanical efficiency it low. Typically because they are tend to be large they are powered by steam or gas.

It is the duty of the engineer to properly select the compressor to suit the conditions the device will fulfill.


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